Créations et Réalisations
Vitrail / Stained glass

Mosaïque Création

Christophe Denoux - Craftsman on his side of art


Christophe Denoux’s Bio

For over 25 years, the French artist Christophe Denoux puts his talent into creating the artworks for the most demanding clients in the world and most of his artwork is commissioned by private collectors.

With his unique ability to pursue perfection, each piece of Denoux’s artwork is unique, as he will never repeat the same creation. Through his work, he intends to touch our deepest emotions. One of his particular signatures is the use of traditional and natural materials.  Combining these materials with artisanal skills allows Denoux to renew ancient technique whilst giving them a contemporary appeal. He considers his mosaic pieces a representation of the art of ornamentation. In his stained glass art, Denoux hopes each of us can experience an appreciation of pure beauty through the light passing through each piece. 

In Paris where you can access my works are:


Les Deux Magots        6 place Saint Germain des Prés Paris VI - the floor

AU Zaganin           81, rue de Rochechouart PARIS IX - the floor

La Chaise au Plafond  10 rue du Trésor  Paris IV     - the floor 

L’ Etoile Manquante   32 rue Vieille du Temple  Paris IV   - the floor

Les Philosophes          28 rue Vieille du Temple  Paris IV  - the floof of toilet

Le Petit Fer à Cheval  30 rue Vieille du Temple  Paris IV   - the floor 

La Belle Hortense       31 rue Vieille du Temple  Paris IV  - the floor

Sculpt Hair                  6/8 rue Quincampoix  Paris IV  - the logo
The Westin                  1-3, rue de Castiglione Paris I - the logos

Bonbon Watch,           14 rue de Marignan  Paris VIII  - the logo

Créations et Réalisations
 32 Bd de Strasbourg 75010 Paris
E-mail:  Christophedenoux @ gmail.com